Body Wash


Body Wash

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Gently cleanse skin without harsh sulfates! Simply Pure coconut oil based body washes are perfect for the entire family

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Simply Pure Body Wash is made with coconut oil and other coconut derived ingredients, and will leave skin clean and moisturized. This handmade product, as well as all of our products do not contain skin-irritating sulfates that can over-dry and cause skin conditions.

Honeysuckle- The sweet scent of honeysuckle straight from the vine, perfect for the entire family. Best seller!

Lavender- A timeless aromatic, calming scent that has been used therapeutically for centuries. The lavender essential oil infused in this gentle wash will calm your mind and body. Great for bedtime!

Orange Limoncello- Sicilian Blood Orange and Lemon essential oils create an invigorating, citrus scent that will awaken the senses!

Simply Clean- Simply Clean is 100% fragrance free, perfect for “scent-sitive” skin and noses! Every Simply Pure Product has a Simply Clean variant, check out the rest of the line!

Simply Sexy- Simply Sexy is a best selling scent! A blend of exotic flowering bamboo, lilac, and soft chamomile; Crisp florals with a soft, sensuous side. Best seller!

Cool Spice- As part of our Doctor Recommended Eczema Relief System this body wash is made with the most effective healing ingredients that Mother Nature has to offer. Coconut oil, safflower oil, neem oil, nettle infused water and an ultra-healing blend of essential oils will soothe and gently cleanse itchy irritated skin. For best results use with Simply Pure Healing Hand Balm.*

Ingredients:  Purified water, coconut oil, decyl glucoside (coconut-derived), sodium chloride, essential oils and or natural fragrance oils.    

*Cool Spice Ingredients are different