Baby Powder

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Baby Powder


100% aluminum and talc free baby powder with natural healing and protecting ingredients.

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Heavy metals are no place for skin, period. Simply Baby Powder is talc and aluminum-free. Start your baby off right by using only Mother Nature's finest ingredients.

Ingredients: Kosher rice powder, Kaolin clay, non-nano zinc oxide*, vitamin E, blend of essential and all natural fragrance oils.

*Non-nano zinc oxide- the molecules are too large to be absorbed through the skin, helps heal and protect.

Many companies are using cheap filler ingredients to save money, and make it necessary to use more for the "desired result". A few ingredients that should be avoided and are not used in Simply Pure Products are-

Talc- Lung irritant and possible carcinogen (some talc contains asbestos)

Propylene Glycol

Mineral Oil- cheap petroleum byproduct, pore clogging

Parabens-linked to reproductive toxicity, hormone disruption, skin irritation and much more


Using only Mother Nature's finest ingredients in fresh, small batches made daily, you can have confidence using Simply Baby products on your bundle of joy.